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Advance Life Support Ambulance consists of the fabricated Ambulance Interior fully equipped with various Life Saving Devices and Patient handling systems. Such Ambulances are mainly used to address life-threating emergencies including sudden cardiac arrest and the emergencies, which require providing oxygen and ventilation to critically ill patients.

For handling cardiac emergencies, ALS Ambulances are provided with Patient Monitor cum Defibrillator to handle cardiac emergencies. Various types of Defibrillators including AEDs can be used and AED is useful to identify whether the patient has cardiac arrest and if so the device can deliver shock. Also manual Defibrillators can be used by Physicians to deliver the required amount of shock.

Further, it may be necessary to address lung related issues and make patients breathe and for this purpose Transport Ventilator is provided. Also the provision for Infusion Pumps is made for precise Infusion of required fluids. Battery operated Suction pump is provided in the ALS Ambulances to extend the Suction necessities while handling emergencies.

As regards to patient handling systems, Instromedix provides various types of Auto-loading stretchers, Spine Boards, Wheel Chair, Scoop Stretchers etc. etc. for efficient management of Injuries as well as immobilization required during emergencies.

Instromedix supplies Physio Control / Mindray range of Defibrillators and also Resmed range of Transport Ventilators. Further we supply Mindray Infusion Pumps & Spencer range of Patient Handling Systems.