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Mobile Operation Theatre is designed and fabricated in our facility at Gurgaon (NCR) on the base vehicle as per choice of the customer. Mobile Operation Theatre is normally built on bigger vehicle chassis like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Ashok Leyland, Force Tempo Travellers etc. etc. The base vehicle chassis is provided by the user depending upon the facilities required and first of all a metal shell is made on the chassis provided by the customer. Thereafter, interior fabrication is done to provide insulation, Air-conditioning, storage for medicines and accessories, drinking/washing water, lighting, backup power supply etc. etc. Further interior walls consisting of FRP are provided in the Mobile Operation Theatre and the walls including the roof is seamless to handle infection control.

The provision for medical gases including oxygen is also made available in the patient compartment.

In Mobile Operation Theatre, various equipment like OT Table Anesthesia Machine, Cautery Machine, Defibrillator, Monitor etc. are provided for conducting basic surgeries. There is also provision for washing area for the medical staff and proper facility is available for contamination management after the surgery is done. We also provide other facilities like Illumination control, Report viewing facility & a small sitting for the medical staff to discuss the cases.

As mobile hospitals are stationed in the field and the requirement of electrical power is there for longer hours, we provide extra generator to power the Mobile Operation Theatre during the time the surgery is performed.